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Security is a sensitive topic

The demand for Education Technology solutions is booming as schools around the world have been forced to adapt to remote and hybrid learning environments due to the impacts of COVID-19. EdTech is at a critical turning point, and implementing the right marketing and communications strategy will make all of the difference.

If you’re an EdTech company looking to ride the recent wave of the news cycle and position your organization at the forefront in what could be an education revolution, it’s time to elevate your brand. Pre-pandemic strategies and tactics will no longer work in a post-pandemic world. 

With over twenty years of experience in emerging technologies, we wrote this EdTech Marketing & Communications Guide to help you overcome these top challenges:

– Competition is fierce making it difficult to stand out
– The market is nuanced and fraught with controversy
– Security is a sensitive topic
– You’re running lean and you don’t have the time to monitor the news to stay relevant
– A changing media landscape is making it difficult to reach your buyer

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