QRC Technologies Case Study | Improving coverage frequency

Improving Coverage Frequency

How QRC told a complex engineering story and launched a new product in the process

Merritt Group supported QRC’s launch of its Wide Band Transcorder (WBT) product by creating a strategic communications campaign that included placing thought leadership articles in publications, lining up briefings with analyst influencers and securing pre-briefings with reporters.

Client Description

QRC Technologies specializes in RF test and measurement products, especially for cellular communications. More specifically, the company develops and produces survey tools for cellular communication systems, phone-based measurement, simulation tools, forensic tools and integrated RF recording and playback equipment.


With more than 50 employees on staff, QRC was on the verge of launching its latest product – the Wide Band Transcorder (WBT). This product marked the company’s first endeavor of this kind outside the government market and into the service provider and commercial spaces. For the story to be compelling, the company had to translate a complex engineering challenge into a message that would resonate broadly with reporters.


To initially soften the market in advance of the WBT launch, Merritt placed contributed thought leadership articles in key trade publications. This both raised executive visibility and built a sense of urgency behind the problem QRC would soon be solving. For the February 2013 product launch, Merritt employed an aggressive media outreach strategy. For third-party validation of the WBT product, Merritt arranged briefings with analysts at Current Analysis and Gartner. Finally, to ensure day-of coverage, Merritt scheduled pre-briefings with influential industry reporters.


Feature coverage of the product launch and QRC appeared in the publications that directly reached QRC’s target buyer. Articles highlighting product benefits and differentiators appeared in RCR Wireless, Sensors, Test & Measurement World, EDN, Wireless Design Magazine, EETimes and Mobility Tech Zone. The reporter relationships built during the initial media tour paid future dividends as editorial opportunities, corporate profiles and executive Q&As came to fruition.

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Improving Coverage Frequency
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