Nok Nok Labs Case Study | Substantial impact at launch

Opening Doors in the Security Market

How Nok Nok Labs created a substantial impact at launch

Merritt Group helped launch Nok Nok Labs, ensuring that the authentication technology innovator stood out from its competitors. Merritt supported the startup’s launch by tying the company’s technical message and marketing materials to larger industry trends, testing the corporate story with industry analysts to elicit buy-in and securing more than 30 embargoed briefings with business, IT, security and vertical press backed by a groundswell of support through social media.

Client Description

Nok Nok Labs focuses on transforming online authentication for modern computing. The company is backed by a team of security industry veterans from PGP, Netscape and PayPal and has deep experience building Internet-scale security protocols and products.


Nok Nok Labs was in stealth mode for a year before coming to Merritt Group. The company had a grand ambition – to fundamentally transform authentication by enabling end-to-end trust across the web using authentication methods that are natural to end-users and provide strong proof of identity. Startups in security were commonplace, so it was critical to create a sizable impact for Nok Nok at launch to stand out from the multitude of competitors.


Merritt worked with Nok Nok Labs to hone the company’s message and marketing materials leading up to its public launch. While the story was fairly technical, Merritt tied the message to larger industry trends. From there, Merritt helped the client test the messages with 10 industry analysts to elicit buy-in. Finally, Merritt secured over 30 embargoed briefings with top-tier business, IT, security and vertical press before the launch date.


The launch generated 126 unique feature articles across a range of top-tier media coverage, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Network World and Technology Review. The positive coverage included all key message and touted the company as a major player in solving the authentication problem. Social media was a strong driver of buzz around the launch, as there was a constant stream of Twitter (~1200 mentions) and industry blog activity.

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