Miox Case Study | How they established a position in the water treatment market

Steady Stream of Awareness

How MIOX established a position in the fast-paced water treatment market

Merritt Group helped MIOX build awareness of its water treatment solutions and their broad application across a variety of markets by leveraging our media relationships in trade publications and national business press. We worked with the venture-backed startup to elevate the issue of water treatment technology to national attention, while positioning the company as a thought leader among players in a fast-paced market.

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With more than 1,500 installations in hundreds of U.S. communities and over 30 countries, MIOX is committed to providing the safest water in the world. Their on-site generation technology safely disinfects more than 6.5 billion gallons of water per day


MIOX needed to demonstrate the value of their technology and unique value proposition to businesses in several key markets. As a venture-funded company, MIOX had to establish instant credibility in a variety of water markets, including water treatment for the beverage industry, water utilities and areas without proper water treatment infrastructure.


Merritt Group leveraged established media relationships in the trades and national business press to help MIOX establish awareness for its unique technology and position its management team as up-and-coming leaders in the water market. We elevated the story of water technology, shortage and policy issues to national media. Merritt also crafted messages that would position MIOX as a leader among players in this fast-paced market. In doing so, the ripple effect of coverage aimed to cement stronger name recognition.


Merritt secured an interview with Michael Kanellos, editor-in-chief at Greentech Media to secure the feature story “Getting off the Water Grid” about MIOX technology and its water business. In addition, MIOX was named a Top 50 Green Startup by Kanellos in CBS’s The Green Eye. Merritt also secured an interview for MIOX with Fortune magazine senior editor, Michael Copeland, which resulted in the video segment “Pond water to drinking water.

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