Episerver Case Study | How they built out their U.S. based sales network

Setting Up Shop in America

How EPiServer built out its U.S.-based sales network

Merritt Group helped EPiServer raise awareness and sales within the U.S. market by creating a robust strategic communications campaign that combined tenacious media relations and social engagement to increase brand visibility and support lead generation through targeted industry-specific outreach.

Client Description

EPiServer, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is the world’s fastest growing provider of online engagement platforms for connecting e-commerce and digital marketing to help businesses create unique customer experiences and increase market share.


With a strong presence and long list of recognizable clients already established in Europe, EPiServer wanted to increase its awareness and sales within the U.S. market. The company turned to Merritt Group to create a robust strategic communications campaign employing media relations and social engagement that supported its aggressive goals to build out its U.S.-based sales and partners network.


Merritt worked with EPiServer to develop unique messaging for the U.S. market and created thought leadership platforms focused on popular topics like e-commerce, digital marketing and mobile. By positioning one of its U.S.-based executives as a subject matter expert in those areas, and leveraging its growing list of customer success stories, EPiServer was able to increase its awareness through regular features in both the trades and national business publications.


Merritt increased EPiServer’s brand visibility in the U.S., while also supporting lead-gen through targeted industry-specific outreach. We created customized campaigns leveraging major customer wins to drive industry awareness, as well as target business press outreach using trending stories on e-commerce and holiday shopping. The media campaigns positioned EpiServer as a thought leader and resulted in articles ranging from the marketing and retail trades (Marketing Profs, AdWeek, Retail Touchpoints, Internet Retailer, etc.) to business press (USA Today, AP, Forbes, etc.).

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Setting Up Shop in America

Their Words, Not Ours

“Merritt Group helped us successfully win against a vertical market solution in the healthcare segment by creating a media campaign around a single customer win. We used the news release, white paper and customer testimonial video to drive calling and mail campaigns that built our sales pipeline. Since that push, we have closed five projects in the healthcare industry and have 37 more in the pipeline.”

Bob Egner, VP, Product Management EPiServer AB


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