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7 Telehealth Marketing Bad Habits to Break for 2021

As we head into the final stretch of an unforgettable 2020, telehealth marketers are likely just trying to keep their head above water. With relaxed policies and the infusion of $200M from the CARES Act, combined with an increase in patient willingness to try virtual...

5 Tips to Turn Your CEO into a Telehealth Thought Leader

Sporadic tweets, the occasional blog post, or distributing a one-off press release and believing that, “if you write it, they will come,” simply does not work when it comes to establishing industry thought leadership.  For a company to be seen as an innovator in...

Will Your Telehealth Brand Thrive? Test Your Messaging

You’ve held an internal messaging workshop, gathered cross-organizational input, evaluated the data and hired an agency to help you craft your wonderfully unique story. You’d say your brand voice sounds great and it’s time to pat yourself on the back about a job well...

Healthcare Media Audit: Analytics Hits Its Stride

Compared to other industries, healthcare has been slower to adopt analytics -- but the buyer discussion is heating up. Changes in laws, regulations, and reimbursement mechanisms mean rapid transformation in healthcare delivery, and IDC analysts predict that 30 percent...

Media Analysis Reveals White Space for Technology Leaders

In our new Health IT Media Coverage and Digital Trends Report, we analyzed more than 200 business, technology and healthcare industry publications to see how four of the hottest trends in enterprise healthcare technology were being covered by media in 2016: Analytics...