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How Trump Changed the Way Government Communicates

  “Did you see what he tweeted?” For nearly two years now, that one question has been asked in every single morning meeting that I’ve been in with federal contractors or employees. It’s on everyone’s mind when they start their day – what did the President tweet...

Will Facebook Offer an Ad-Free Subscription Service?

In the wake of Facebook’s data-privacy scandal, Bloomberg reports that the company has been conducting market research to gauge whether consumers would choose to pay for an ad-free subscription service. This would allow users of Facebook to opt-out of sharing their...

What LinkedIn Native Video Ads Mean for Digital Marketers

  If you’ve spent time keeping up with the latest digital, social media and mobile marketing trends over the past year, then you’re well aware that including video in your content marketing and digital channel strategy is no longer an option — it’s a must....

Does #DeleteFacebook Matter to B2B Marketers?

  Cambridge Analytica is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. Facebook’s stock took a serious hit, the company is now facing lawsuits, and even Facebook-owned WhatsApp’s Co-Founder Brian Acton wants you to delete your account. But the big question facing...

Is Your Social Media Strategy Failing? Here’s How to Fix It

So, you’re not seeing results from your social media efforts. Your engagement rates are low, conversions are near-to-nothing and you aren’t reaching your business objectives. Here are six quick ways to tell if your current social media marketing strategy is failing...