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Merritt Group firmly believes research and measurement are critical to any marketing or communications strategy. Most of the activities we perform on behalf of our clients begin with strategic research and end with results measurement and analysis – whether we are developing a media relations strategy or conducting a messaging and positioning workshop. We call this our insight-driven approach.

Since the advent of the Internet and more recently with the emergence of social media channels, marketers and communicators have to rethink how they develop and execute campaigns and, of course, how they measure the success of those campaigns. At Merritt, we do it all – from focus groups and secondary market research to campaign measurement and website and social media analytics.

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"To say that Merritt Group has been instrumental in our success is an understatement. We started working with them on a primary/secondary research project and have continued with them as our PR agency. We couldn't be happier. They are responsive and professional and really understand our complicated health work. Merritt has become an integral part of our communications team."

Blake Travis, Marketing Manager MAXIMUS

What We Offer

Focus Groups

Focus groups are an excellent way to acquire feedback on new products, issues and more. Depending on the needs of our clients, we can assemble and conduct focus groups that are tailored to your specific needs. The feedback is powerful data that can be used to create or enhance marketing and communications campaigns that could have a significant and measurable impact.


Surveys are powerful, effective tools that can shape or enhance any marketing or communications effort. For example, some clients use survey data for establishing thought leadership around a particular hot topic or timely trend. Many of our clients have worked with Merritt Group to conduct survey projects using their own customer database or polling external populations.

Competitor Analysis

Most clients want to know what their competition is doing and how they are performing. Nothing new, but we can do the research for our clients and deliver our results. Typically, our clients know the competition, but we can supplement that knowledge by taking deep dives into the competition’s messaging, capabilities, marketing and communications channels, and more.

Market Segmentation

Many of our clients look for new markets in which to generate awareness. We help clients research new market segments where they can focus their marketing and communications efforts in order to drive sales for their products and services. Our market research helps clients with their market segmentation efforts and corresponding product differentiation strategy, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Influencer Identification & Ranking

The journalism landscape has changed dramatically. People look for information about products and services in new places like blogs, Facebook, online communities, reviews and more. We conduct deep research to find and rank influencers that could help drive awareness for our clients. Influencers could be writing for The New York Times or blogging from home in their pajamas. We find the influencers that people listen to and that matter to our clients.

Custom Research Reports

At Merritt Group, we understand the value of research and so do our clients, but conducting research can be time consuming and our clients don’t always have the luxury of extra time. For this reason, our staff has the knowledge and tools to create and execute custom research reports.


After the execution of a campaign is underway, our clients want to know how it's working as soon as possible. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering measurable results for your marketing and communications dollars. According to The CMO Council, 25-40 percent of a typical marketing budget is devoted to “soft” areas like communications and public relations, so these investments should be measured and benchmarked for the value they provide to an organization.

Social Media Monitoring

We live in a connected society. Social media has become a ubiquitous part of both our personal and professional lives. We help our clients keep tabs on their brands, competitors and industry trends in the social sphere through dedicated social media monitoring and measurement programs. Using a unique mix of social monitoring solutions and qualitative analytics, we work with clients to drive awareness and competitive advantage through social media data.

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