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Paid Media

In a complex and rapidly evolving advertising environment, you need to know where your budget can deliver the greatest return. We help our clients compete and thrive with a singular focus on optimizing every ad dollar spent and connecting it to sales impact.

Paid Media Solutions

Messaging and Positioning

We help clients differentiate their messaging while reaching potential buyers and customers at key touchpoints through B2B and B2G funnel-centric paid media programs. We give your sales and marketing team the support they need by intersecting micro-moments in our buyer’s journey with standout creative that engages.

Data Solutions

We work with your marketing team to build smart audience profiles and buyer personas for accurate targeting. From the C-suite and management teams to government agency leadership and beyond — we ensure your customer and prospect database is fully fleshed out and leveraged for increased conversions.

Dynamic Paid Targeting

From contact-level prospecting to account-based approaches, we give you the paid advertising solutions necessary to realize the full potential of your ROI. We’ll analyze buyer consumption data in near real-time and activate test budgets to maximize ad spend on every platform with your unique goals in mind.

Keyword Targeting

We’ll develop a robust account structure for your keyword targeting that achieves massive boosts in click-through rates at a lower cost-per-click. Our ad auctioneers take a strategic approach to search queries, crafting high-level tactics to produce better ad positioning at a lower cost.

PPC Marketing

Spring to the top page of search engines and boost traffic to your website through hyper-focused pay-per-click marketing campaigns. Our marketers work together to craft a fail-fast approach to ads that ensures your PPC efforts are always hitting the mark.

Multi-Channel Media Buys

Actualize your advertising budget across digital channels such as search, social, programmatic, contextual, OTT video and audio, OOH and negotiated leads programs and media buys. We’ll turn ad dollars into expedited lead flow, website traffic, audience engagement, accelerated funnel performance and sales opportunities.

Our Paid Media Process

The digital ecosystem is vast and unforgiving, especially when it comes to paid media. Our talented and dedicated team of day-to-day senior-level strategists ensures that your paid media campaigns are smart, differentiated and actionable. Our digital marketers and creatives work hand-in-hand with your brand teams to get your core company, solution and product messages into market. We fine-tune campaigns and take a fail-fast approach to digital ads — intersecting your target audience at key touchpoints for optimal results.

Your Market Is Our Market 

One of our most significant differentiators as a paid media agency is our unmatched familiarity with your specific market. We’ve been focused on B2B tech marketing for more than two decades and understand your brand’s opportunities, buyer personas, and unique challenges because we share the same market. Our team offers a fresh approach to paid media, advertising data usage and search engine marketing to provide your sales team with valuable opportunities.

Why Merritt Group

Our paid media campaigns are backed by decades of experience, award-winning work, and nationally recognized success for. Our reputation is built on excellence and attention to detail — offering government, healthcare, cyber-security, and emerging technology markets our optimized paid media solutions. Our consultants, content specialists, and campaign strategists work with you to craft influential campaigns based on best practices and past experience targeting your specific buyers.  

With deep domain expertise and data-driven paid media tactics, we can help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s greater brand awareness, customer retention, or valuable leads for your sales department — Merritt Group can help. Contact us today to discover how we can help your brand through our paid media solutions.

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Increasing Sales Meetings by 25 Percent in 90 Days

In late 2017 Indentrix rebranded as Endera. To reintroduce the company to the security market and drive sales, we came on board and drove a 65 percent increase in top-of-funnel leads – driving over 350 new prospects into Endera’s marketing database over just a 90 day-period.



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