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Marketing Analytics

There are 8,000 marketing technology solutions on the market, according to the latest research. Yet too often, organizations struggle under the weight of that technology, continually overspending and underutilizing.

The cost of misspent and misaligned marketing technology has long-lasting effects on businesses, affecting everything from employee satisfaction to revenue. Each year over 1 trillion dollars are wasted due to sales and marketing misalignment.

So what leads to this misalignment? Poor planning, impulse buys (shiny new objects, anyone?), and implementation/integration are the number one offenders.

Is there a better way?

At Merritt Group, we help make your marketing technology work for you, engaging automation to define, align, and streamline marketing, sales and customer processes. A six-year partner of HubSpot, with experience across Salesforce, Pardot and Marketo, we offer consulting, implementation and training services across your stack.

Marketing Technology Consulting solutions

Technology review & audit

Starting with a systems audit, we’ll review your current infrastructure to help build an inventory, coalesce around a taxonomy, and run through a discovery process to understand your goals and challenges, all while uncovering any integration issues.

If you’re new to MarTech, we’ll help you build a technology roadmap complete with recommendations to help with organizational alignment.

Marketing & sales automation consulting

Build meaningful connections with your customers, improve sales and marketing alignment, all while automating time consuming internal processes through technology. We specialize in a wide range of marketing technology solutions; we’re both a HubSpot and Drift partner while also working across Marketo, Pardot and Salesforce. We’ll help you navigate the end-to-end potential of automation through every step of your customer’s journey.

MarTech implementation & onboarding

We’re more than just marketing technology consultants. Our team helps you select the right technology based on your goals while helping drive implementation and onboarding across your organization. We’ll help set-up systems, refine processes, and handle the implementation and integration of the tool. And we offer custom training sessions across your marketing and sales teams to help them fully utilize the technology.

Analytics & reporting

Your marketing and sales analytics shouldn’t exist in silos. Effective marketing technology allows you to leverage collaborative data from both marketing and sales initiatives to inform future strategies and objectives. Our marketing technology consultants will help you make sense of reporting metrics for effective action.


Capturing 500 Leads from a Single Premium Asset

Avizia needed to raise its brand awareness as a leading telehealth provider and accelerate its sales growth. Our work drove a 57 percent increase in organic website traffic in 90 days, a 36 percent landing page conversion and hundreds of qualified leads.

Our MarTech Consulting process

MarTech software won’t magically grow your business. It requires a strategic approach that begins with us getting to know your company, customers and goals. We help define the stages of your sales process and leads to determine roles, organize handoffs, and redesign your process with smart marketing technology implementation. We align your existing methodology with cutting-edge marketing technologies to boost lead generation and sales. Whether it’s defining a singular platform for your company or combining various MarTech software for optimal success — our marketing technology consultants will pair you with the right tools to supercharge your marketing and sales process.

Your market, our mission

We’re able to help you apply the right technology to advance your goals because we share your market. Through decades of experience and countless awards, we’re positioned to provide you with marketing technology consulting services steeped in deep market familiarity. While most agencies say they are an extension of your team, we have the expertise in specialized industries and emerging technology to back it up. We’ll help you discover the right software for your individual objectives so that you can supercharge lead generation for optimal growth.

Why Merritt Group?

We’re a nationally recognized strategic agency that knows the power of MarTech — because we use it too! We’ll match you with marketing technologies that fit your unique vision and align these tools with refined processes. The next generation of MarTech is more capable, more automated and more connected to drive smarter processes and produce better outcomes. Discover how Merritt Group can help you today through customized marketing technology consulting solutions.

Our marketing technology consultants work alongside our strategic advisors for a comprehensive approach to lead generation. We’ll help mold your funnel into the perfect journey for your customers.


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