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Marketing is in transition. Everything is digital and data-driven; information and people are networked; new social platforms trend weekly; and everyone’s an influencer.

Merritt Group thrives in this world because we’re digitally native domain experts, big idea generators, value providers and technologists. We help our clients see around the corner and stay ahead of competitors. We’re our clients’ secret weapon for digital marketing domination!

We’re uniquely positioned across four core areas:

  • Market Expertise: We know your market and buyer more than most other digital agencies. Our practice model and deep domain knowledge ensures that every strategy, big idea and tactic is rooted in our clients' unique market dynamics.
  • Big Ideas: Our creatives, writers, developers, analysts, media experts and strategists come together to generate big ideas, framed in holistic campaigns, that you simply will not get from specialized agencies.
  • Senior Attention and Value: We provide you with senior attention, and cross-functional teams that are more agile and cost-effective than larger, integrated agencies.
  • Technical Expertise: At Merritt Group, you have access to the same award-winning creative and technical talent found at larger agencies with the nimbleness and flexibility of a smaller firm. 

We play well with our clients’ in-house and agency teams because we deeply understand the full digital ecosystem.




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Demand Generation

Many of our clients turn to us to reach buyers across digital touchpoints, and personalize brand messaging at scale. We help our clients use a strategic mix of inbound marketing activities to create demand for their products and services, attracting new customers and re-engaging existing ones. We help our clients build and nurture relationships over time, resulting in net-new revenue opportunities for the company.

Content Strategy

Content is the lifeblood of marketing in the digital world, but many B2B and B2G marketers struggle to create business impact in line with its content marketing spend. Do you have the right data and strategy to turn content into new prospects and customers? We can help you build the larger story that engages an audience and uses content to drive profitable behavior. From messaging and editorial to thought leadership and POV-building, we can help turn every piece of content into business ROI.

Content Creation

Most B2B marketers struggle to create content at scale, because...well, it is hard. Internal resources are scarce. And, most vendors and agencies don’t understand your product, business and message. That’s where we step in. We have in-house domain experts that know your business and technology inside-out, and we have professional designers and writers that have experience in your space. Stop the frustration. Partner with us to create great marketing content that drives tangible ROI.

Email Marketing

Search, social and display get all the headlines, but year after year email marketing is the workhorse that drives B2B/B2G leads. Are you optimizing your email marketing resources and spend? Is email as effective for you as it is for your competitors? We can help you get better engagement from your email lists. We know Marketo, Pardot, Campaign Monitor, Eloqua and other marketing automation software inside-out. We can run your campaigns for you and guarantee an increase in your clicks, engagement and quality conversions.

Social Marketing

Just about every B2B/B2G marketer knows social marketing is important, but many struggle to connect tangible business impact to the dozens, if not hundreds, of tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook posts they push out weekly. Stop spinning your marketing wheels on social media. We help our clients get smart and thoughtful about social marketing by identifying and engaging with influencer networks, extracting industry-leading ROI from paid social and engaging with customers, prospects and partners using clever content and campaigns.

Search Marketing

Much of the qualified traffic to your website already comes from search engines like Google, but is your ranking optimized? Are you ranking ahead of your competitors? Search engines tweak algorithms constantly, so you can’t just set and forget SEO and keyword optimization. It is an evolving process. We understand your buyer’s search behaviors and know the keyword phrases to increase your SERP rankings versus competitors. And, when it comes to paid search, we can help optimize your spend by recommending primary and long-tail keywords personalized for your business and buyer.

Conversion Optimization

Every single visitor to your website is important. Do you treat them that way? Is your website truly optimized to serve prospects in a personalized way and drive them to conversions? For most B2B tech companies the answer ends up being “no.” Simple web copy, case studies, product pages and a “hero” video for your website is not enough. Your site needs to tell a clear and compelling story. It needs to work on any screen. It needs to load fast. It needs more content. It needs better user experience and interactivity. It needs to lead the visitor to clearly defined conversion points. If you’re not doing all of these things, we can help you influence visitor behavior, so they don’t simply click off your website as soon as they arrive, never to return again.

In a digital world, marketing and sales teams need to work in concert. We help our clients build that bridge by creating packaged insights on buyer behavior and marketing activity to inform sales moves, arming and training sales teams with messaging, content and materials that align closely with up-funnel marketing campaigns and integrating salespeople more intimately into nurture programs.

Do you have the technology infrastructure to power awe-inspiring marketing campaigns? What marketing automation platform is right for you? Which social listening software should you use? What content management system suits best? What about your CRM system, and integrating marketing and sales? With literally thousands of marketing software vendors out there, we advise your clients in buying, building or optimizing the foundational technologies that power marketing.

In the era of digital, the buyer journey is now very individualized and complex. One size does not fit all. We help our clients use big data and analytics to better understand buyer behavior and understand paths to conversion. These insights become infused in our client’s campaigns to drive ever-improving results. We help clients understand marketing spend attribution and report, through visualization and dashboards, program health and campaign performance for executive and board-level audiences.


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