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Self-Driving Cars, Blockchain, Quantum Computing: Technology Goes Futuristic at CES 2018

Arthur C. Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and this year’s unveilings at CES are testing that adage. From self-driving cars to blockchain, here are some of the debuts from the Las Vegas event that shined brightly, even in the face of a power outage.

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Business Technologies That Will Transform Your Enterprise in 2018

The latest developments that encompass the business technology market/space — from artificial intelligence (AI), to digital transformation to blockchain — are so much more than a string of buzzwords — they are a series of solutions that are reshaping enterprises for the 21st century. And these new developments are propelling business technology forward, delivering on some of the most promising concepts ever dreamed up that will reshape global economics and commerce.

Here’s where the industry is set to go in 2018, with vivid insights from Merritt Group leaders.

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Uber Had a Rough 2017. How Can PR Help in 2018?

Uber has come under fire for numerous scandals over the past year (and even beyond that), ranging from sexual harassment to questionable business practices regarding its app, like monitoring customers long after they left a car. This created a ton of unwanted — but deserved — PR baggage. Adrienne LaFrance, who is the editor of, does a very good job of laying out all the scandals to date in this article from April 2017.

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The Biggest Trends in Security for 2018

Security — it’s the word on everyone’s lips, from the first-year employee to the C-suite. It may seem hard to imagine what could happen next in this sector, but Merritt Group’s expert Security Practice team has some keen insights on what’s to come for the security B2B market, with its endless quick-turn, hot-button issues.

Here’s what they have to say about what security will bring in 2018.

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DOs and DON’Ts for Better Data Visualization

Our time is precious. No one wants to waste unnecessary minutes combing through data and drawing conclusions. Enter infographics and data visualizations. These visual timesavers can be instrumental in helping your clients or customers comprehend your data.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for your next infographic.

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How Cloud Will Transform Federal Service Delivery and Analytics

The federal government is about to undergo its largest digital transformation ever. That’s not hyperbole, and it is likely that every American citizen will notice the difference.

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Internet of Things Stats That Wow

If sales of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices this holiday season have proven anything, it’s that 2017 was a tipping point for the internet of things (IoT). In fact, on, the Echo Dot was the No. 1 selling product over Black Friday weekend. With overall only holiday shopping at an all-time high, this means the market share for these IoT devices is growing exponentially.

Enterprise IoT adoption over the last year is equally astounding. Here are some of the top projections and data points that speak to the momentum of IoT.

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Decoding Health Care’s Biggest Buzzword: Value-Based Care

If there was a winner for biggest buzzword of the year in health care, this year’s may just be value-based care. It’s come to stand for what the future of care can — and should — be, but survey after survey shows it’s discussed often but implemented rarely.

To make sure your organization is able to move past the value-based care buzzword and join the ranks of hospitals and practices moving health care forward, let's first take a minute to understand what it means to move beyond the buzzwords and into practical applications that keep patients happy and healthy.

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How to Reach a Changing Federal Workforce

There’s no question the federal workforce is changing. The real question is, are you changing with it?

In marketing, the key is to reach your audience where they are instead of waiting for them to come to you. And based on the Federal Media and Marketing Study from Market Connections, reaching the federal workforce means finding new ways to engage agency employees outside of the office. From social media to radio ads, keep the two trends below in mind as you plan for your 2018 marketing efforts.

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Spending on Paid Media? One Big Reason You Must Actively Protect Your Brand

According to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue report, prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the first quarter of 2017 saw the highest ever earnings for digital advertising in the U.S. — netting over $19.6 billion dollars. This amount was a 23 percent increase over the same period in 2016. Facebook alone saw $9.16 billion in ad revenue in the second quarter of 2017. Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk, which is the leading demand-side platform, noted that “programmatic advertising is expected to grow 31 percent in 2017”.

With great power, however, comes great responsibility — and for this industry, that responsibility is fraud.

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