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4 Things Every Federal Marketer Should Do in February


The government shutdown is over. Every contractor and tech company working with the federal government can breathe a sigh of relief. Now it’s time to really get to work.

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Industry Reacts: 2018 Federal Government Contractor Study

The results are in! If you’re pursuing government business, you won’t want to make another marketing or business development (BD) move until you read this year’s Federal Government Contractor Study.

Unveiled by Merritt Group earlier this week, together with partners Market Connections and Professional Services Council, the study reveals the best BD and marketing practices and strategies of winning contractors. Merritt’s Sean O’Leary moderated a panel of experts at the launch event in Arlington, VA to dig deeper into the data and gain additional industry perspective on what’s working (or not) in the contracting world.

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How to Make Content More Accessible for Federal Workers


Reaching federal decision-makers has always been a challenge, thanks to restrictions placed on the content they’re allowed to view during work hours through government-issued devices. At the same time, advances in technology have allowed these decision-makers to use personal devices to access content for work, particularly after they leave the office.

Against this backdrop, Market Connections’ Federal Content Marketing Review shows there are myriad ways to make your content as accessible as possible for the federal audience.

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Marketers, Are You Ready to Take on Programmatic Advertising?

Anyone on the internet knows exactly where to scroll to find out how to “get rid of belly fat today” or get “one weird trick” to solve an inane problem — the bottom of their browser on almost any popular website. Far away from where the readers’ eyes and cursor typically spend any time, this is where programmatic advertising got its start. But for companies that think this digital ad buying method still is a bottom-of-the-barrel approach to get clicks, it’s time to think again.

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FCMR 2017: The Hottest Trends in Federal Content Marketing Explained

Last week, Merritt Group and our event partner, research services company Market Connections, hosted the second Federal Content Marketing Research conference. The event reviewed trends in the B2G marketing space through the lens of a survey of government employers and contractors both inside the Beltway and around the country.

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