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Why Media Tours Aren’t Dead - Yet


As a millennial in PR, there’s a tendency to listen to the stories from those who have been in the field for years with shock and wonder. Who puts together print clip reports? You faxed press releases to reporters?

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What’s Next? Tech Trends Poised to Shake Up Healthcare

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be in healthcare. From new legislation to the broad consumerization of care, large-scale changes are underway that will fundamentally alter the way healthcare organizations, providers and patients interact.

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Could AI Be the Answer to America’s Doctor Shortage?

Artificial intelligence is ready for the health care industry, but is the health care industry ready for AI?

As AI progresses, it is incorporating more machine learning into its methodologies. For machine learning applications, a model is fed a large amount of data, like patient MRI images. Then the algorithm interprets these images to determine which contains a tumor and which does not. For someone in computer science, this seems straightforward. But for doctors, who have to close the loop by discussing outcomes and diagnoses with patients, reliance on technology to do previously manual work leaves many with doubts.

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Healthcare Marketing Audit: The Most Popular Healthcare Content of 2016

Driving potential customers to meaningful, compelling content is fundamental to marketing and sales success. Customers need to know, trust and understand your business value early on in their buyer journey, and content -- through articles, blog posts, white papers, infographics, videos and more -- provides a method for helping to shape that decision-making experience.

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Healthcare Marketing Audit: Who’s Investing in Google AdWords

According to Forrester, “today’s (B2B) buyers control their journey through the buying cycle much more than today’s vendors control the selling cycle,” and recent studies show that 74 percent of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. Additional research shows that 94 percent of business buyers do some form of online research, with 77 percent of those buyers using Google search. In this digital age, companies must capture mindshare online to even be considered as part of the buying process.

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Healthcare Marketing Audit: The Integrated Marketing Imperative

The most effective marketing campaigns aren’t just about PR or advertising anymore — they utilize integrated content engagement strategies to reach and influence buyers across paid, earned, shared and owned channels.

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Healthcare Media Audit: Data Security Still a Major Concern

Protecting patient privacy has always been the primary concern for providers and physicians, from HIPAA to Electronic Health Records. Now, with more patient data being stored digitally and new technologies like IoT and telemedicine connected to IT networks, protecting that data has become even more critical. Due to the amount of personal information they record, health records are among the most valuable to hackers, which makes healthcare organizations among the biggest targets for a breach.

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Healthcare Media Audit: Are We Finally In “The Year of Telemedicine”?

Discussions about the benefits of telemedicine grow each year. The advisory firm Towers Watson estimates that telemedicine has the potential to deliver more than $6 billion a year in healthcare savings to U.S. companies, and hospitals, physicians, employers and patients are all realizing the increased efficiencies and improved patient satisfaction that follows implementing telehealth solutions. According to HIMSS, adoption of telemedicine technology reached more than 60 percent in 2016 with expectations for continued growth.

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Healthcare Media Audit: IoT is Booming … with a Few Caveats

The internet of things has a multitude of applications in healthcare, ranging from the personalized data collection from smart sensors and wearables to enterprise solutions like connected peripherals and medical device integration. Its potential to improve organizations’ workflow productivity, reduce costs and increase collaboration, as well as improve patient monitoring and maintenance. Adoption seems all but inevitable for many: a recent study reported that 87 percent of healthcare facilities plan to have IoT technology in place by 2019. 

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Healthcare Media Audit: Analytics Hits Its Stride

Compared to other industries, healthcare has been slower to adopt analytics -- but the buyer discussion is heating up. Changes in laws, regulations, and reimbursement mechanisms mean rapid transformation in healthcare delivery, and IDC analysts predict that 30 percent of providers will use cognitive analytics with patient data by 2018. With 2017 confirmed as the first performance year for MACRA, providers will almost certainly need to embrace new analytics tools to capture and report quality data. 

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