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5 Steps to Nailing a Brand Redesign

A brand isn’t just a logo. It represents a company’s personality and influences how every single person — from customers to employees — perceive the business.

Getting a rebranding effort right is vitally important, and companies need to proceed with a purpose. At Merritt Group, we take a 360-degree approach to branding, where messaging, design and brand communication all get refreshed at once, creating a unified vision to guide a company’s future.

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ADWKDC 2015 - Expectations Along the Strategy Track

On a misty, cold October 1st in Washington, D.C., Ad Week kicked off with an inspiring keynote by Senior Editor of The Atlantic, Derek Thompson, that delivered much-needed laughter to a packed house at the FHi360 conference center. Derek spoke about millenials as consumers and employees and touched on a major theme of the day: expectations. Millennials have the highest expectations in human history, but those expectations should be embraced, not purposefully misunderstood. “After all,” he noted, “the idea of generations is completely made up.”

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Photoshop is Not the Great and Powerful Oz

“Can’t you just Photoshop it?”

This question is like nails on a chalkboard to any graphic designer. At some point in time, people began viewing Photoshop as a digital magic wand that could make all your wildest photo dreams come true. 

While Photoshop has tremendous capabilities, there are limitations and things to be mindful of. Hopefully the following diagrams help to increase your understanding of this impressive creative tool.

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The Joy of Stock Photography

Stock photography is a necessary evil. While designers would always prefer a photo shoot with custom images, it’s rarely cost-effective or timely. Though stock photography has come a long way, there are still many terrible images out there and this blog will hopefully help you avoid them.

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Our Road to the Addy Awards

Adding to Our Merritt Group Trophy Shelf

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