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Keep Your Logo. Refresh Your Brand.

There’s a common misconception that ‘brand equals logo.’ Companies are often nervous about words like ‘branding’ or ‘rebrand’ because they assume it means a logo redo is in order. The thought of a new logo strikes terror in even the most open-minded of key stakeholders. They cannot stop thinking about all the signage, business cards, t-shirts and office supplies in which they’ve already invested.

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Brand a Startup in Half the Time: Here's How

Don’t be scared at the prospect of branding, assuming you need an extensive timeline and a massive budget to be successful. A branding project doesn’t have to take months or years. Accelerating the execution process - from concept to implementation - just takes a few simple ingredients. Here are the essentials I’ve distilled for you based on years of branding experience. 

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Podcast: Ingredients for Creating an Agile Brand

Have you ever wondered whether it’s more important to stick to your company’s core values or shift them to fit society’s evolving standards? According to an expert in the field, you don’t always have to pick one over the other. In a recent episode of Merritt Group’s new Lay of the Brand podcast, we sat down with “The Agile Web” author and host of the The Agile World Podcast, Greg Kihlström to better understand what balancing the two means. 

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GMU's Serge Samoilenko on Building a Positive Brand Perception

In case you missed it, Merritt Group recently launched its very own podcast called Lay of the Brand, which explores the latest innovations in marketing, creative and PR and how these disciplines are revolutionizing the way the tech industry communicates and sells.

Following our George Mason University panel podcast highlighted in our previous episode, we sat down with Serge Samoilenko, one of the panelists and a communications professor at the university, and trust us – you won’t want to miss what he had to say. 

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3 Key Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Branding Agency

Selecting a branding agency can be one of the toughest decisions you make - it’s almost like dating! You want to really take the time to make sure you’re compatible before you make a commitment. That means asking the right questions and meeting your branding team to confirm they’re not just technically competent (they can create a logo), but can also bring that added “wow” factor that will turn heads. To make sure you find that right fit, ask these three questions:

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USA TODAY NETWORK's VP of Corporate Comms Shares Secrets to Branding Success

In case you haven’t heard already, Merritt Group recently launched its very own podcast called Lay of the Brand. Our podcast explores the latest innovations in marketing, creative and PR and how these disciplines are revolutionizing the way the tech industry communicates and sells.

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4 Reasons Why Startups Should Have a Brand Strategy

Having a strong and consistent brand is foundational to any startup’s success. Don’t believe me? A 2018 study found that 87 percent of B2B companies increased their brand investments over the previous five years, resulting in 82 percent of those seeing payoffs in increased sales and customer acquisition.

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Emerging Technology Experts Make a New Transformation

At Merritt Group, staying ahead of cutting-edge technology in addition to marketing and public relations trends is at the very root of our agency’s core values. Whether it’s expanding our expertise in all things digital marketing (performance marketing, content marketing, creative services, etc.) or keeping up with the ever-changing tech landscape, our team gets goosebumps just thinking about creative possibilities that inspire real change within the rest of the market.

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4 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “2019!” It’s hard to believe, but it’s no joke that another year has already descended upon us. That means it’s time for our annual look ahead, and the coming year is poised to be one of the most exciting yet for B2B marketing.

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What B2B Brands Can Learn From IHOP...or IHOb

 What began as an attempt to market a new menu offering has turned into a full-fledged rebranding effort for IHOP, famously known for its pancakes. The restaurant chain recently changed its name, raising the question of whether the new brand is here to stay or simply a PR stunt to shake up customer attitudes about the restaurant.

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