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After the Splash: Why AI Went from the Next Big Thing to Headline Fatigue

When you look back at the last few decades  of tech media coverage, there are some standout topics that have sustained long interest cycles -- the rise of the internet, the advent of mobile apps, cloud — and most recently, artificial intelligence (AI).

AI has been a lightning rod for media coverage over the past four years, but according to a research report conducted by Merritt Group’s tech PR experts, the volume of AI coverage began to level out beginning in 2017.

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Personalized AI: A Powerful Tool For Enterprises Is On The Horizon

What will your customers want tomorrow? What strategic decisions should you make today to hit those metrics? Getting the answer to these questions may soon be as simple as asking your very smart digital assistant, thanks to an emerging technology — artificial intelligence (AI).

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Will AI Best All Humans Tasks by 2060? Experts Say Not So Fast

By 1997, computers were better than humans at chess. By 10 years later, they were better at driving cars than the average teenager, and they were better at playing Chinese game Go, rated 300 times harder than chess. But what if by 2060, artificial intelligence proved better at absolutely everything?

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Machine Learning is Hot Right Now. Is Your Company in the Conversation?

It seems, machine learning, and its closely related cousins, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics and automation, is trending, big time. From Google’s DeepMind taking on and beating the world’s best Go player to Audi’s self-driving RS7 racing all comers, stories about machines encroaching on human tasks is all the rage. It makes for a great story too, because the promise of innovation juxtaposes well with the fear of human obsolescence. In fact, some of the most closely followed and riveting discussions at the 2016 Davos World Economic Forum focused on the state of AI and its impact on the future of work.

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