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Protecting patient privacy has always been the primary concern for providers and physicians, from HIPAA to Electronic Health Records. Now, with more patient data being stored digitally and new technologies like IoT and telemedicine connected to IT networks, protecting that data has become even more critical. Due to the amount of personal information they record, health records are among the most valuable to hackers, which makes healthcare organizations among the biggest targets for a breach.

The rise in healthcare cyber attacks and the amount of damage that a data breach can inflict make security a hot topic in healthcare media. Our Health IT Media Coverage and Digital Trends Report explores how healthcare data security has been covered in the past year, including the publications and writers writing about it most frequently, the companies claiming the largest share of voice, and the topics that received the most social engagement. Here are a few highlights:

  • Health trades Health IT Security, Healthcare Informatics and Healthcare IT News covered health data security most frequently, alongside technology outlets like Computer Weekly.
  • There is a large market for pure-play security vendors with healthcare business. Symantec, FireEye and Trend Micro received more coverage than Microsoft, Google or Amazon in the health security space.
  • Forbes and Fortune carried the majority of health security coverage among business media, although The Wall Street Journal also averaged at least one story a month as well.
  • Cyber/tech reporters like Steve Rosenbush and Rachael King (Wall Street Journal), Dan Primack and Robert Hackett (Fortune), and Steve Morgan and Peter High (Forbes) were often the most frequent writers, with Forbes health reporter Dan Munro as an exception.
  • Articles, blog posts and white papers about data breaches, unsecured health apps and healthcare organizations targeted by ransomware were the most shared by readers on social media.

For more health data security details and insights, download the report here. You can also opt-in to our blog series exploring the findings.


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