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Compared to other industries, healthcare has been slower to adopt analytics — but the buyer discussion is heating up. Changes in laws, regulations, and reimbursement mechanisms mean rapid transformation in healthcare delivery, and IDC analysts predict that 30 percent of providers will use cognitive analytics with patient data by 2018. With 2017 confirmed as the first performance year for MACRA, providers will almost certainly need to embrace new analytics tools to capture and report quality data. 

Our Health IT Media Coverage and Digital Trends Report explores how the media has covered this topic in recent months, including the publications covering healthcare analytics most frequently, writers with most the most analytics coverage, which vendors received the most coverage and which topics received the most social engagement. Here are a few highlights:

  • For companies looking to dive deep, trade publications like Healthcare IT News, Healthcare Informatics and HealthITAnalytics each published 200+ stories on analytics in 2016, with writers Jennifer Bresnick and Heather Landi writing about the topic most frequently.
  • McKesson, Truven and Cerner were the pure-play vendors most often quoted in news stories, although their coverage was still dwarfed by major players IBM, Microsoft and Google.
  • Fortune led coverage in the business press category, covering a range of topics from funding and M&A deals to the implications for big data in patient care. If you’re looking for a reporter to target, Barb Darrow, Jonathan Vanian, Dan Primack and Lauren Lorenzetti are writing insightful and informative stories about this space.
  • Articles and white papers about healthcare analytics in the cloud, incorporating physicians into healthcare analytics, and the role of big data in healthcare received the most engagement on social channels, indicating that many still need education on understanding and implementing big data for healthcare.

Download the report to learn more about the influencers, outlets and media trends driving top media health IT coverage, and discover opportunities your business can leverage for increased visibility.


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