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Here are my top industry stories for today’s #Friday5 round up: Silicon Valley, Vocus, Twitter and Youtube vs Facebook video:

  1. How Vanity Fair anointed Silicon Valley the new media capital of the world (The Washington Post, October 11, 2014) There’s always been a bit of tension between Silicon Valley engineers and New York media execs, but the merger of the screens (computer, phones, tablets, etc.) is bringing these two worlds closer than ever.
  2. Goodbye, Vocus: Merger claims a venerable D.C. tech brand (Washington Business Journal, October 13, 2014) For all you Vocus fans, sorry. It’s just Cision now.
  3. The Bad News About the News (The Brookings Essay, October 16, 2014) Pour a cup of coffee and get ready for a fantastic read by Robert G. Kaiser, former longtime reporter and editor at The Washington Post.  He dissects the media industry and how the landscape has evolved more recently, “Obviously, new technologies are radically altering the ways in which we learn, teach, communicate, and are entertained. It is impossible to know today where these upheavals may lead, but where they take us matters profoundly. How the digital revolution plays out over time will be particularly important for journalism, and therefore to the United States, because journalism is the craft that provides the lifeblood of a free, democratic society.
  4. Twitter Is Finally Explaining Its Suggested Tweets Strategy (Recode, October 16, 2014) Get ready to see some content on Twitter you didn’t necessarily ask for. This week, Twitter shared more about it’s suggested tweet strategy and algorithm and what we can expect.
  5. Report: YouTube Videos on Facebook Are Getting Rarer (Mashable, October 16, 2014) The war between the two continues and it looks like Facebook will soon eclipse YouTube in terms of News Feed video posts. On top of this, Facebook videos are getting more engagement. Definitely something to watch as the two continue to fight over distribution and ad dollars.


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