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Earth Day 2015

Service for Reston Walker Nature Center

At Merritt Group, one of our core pillars is giving back. Corporate social responsibility and volunteerism in support of our local community is an integral part of our Merritt InBalance wellness program. In honor of Earth Day, for the second year in a row, we donated our time to the Reston Association Walker Nature Center.

Merritt Group was a part of the 50 volunteers at the Center who chipped in to make the 45th anniversary of Earth Day a memorable one. The Merritt team of volunteers spread mulch and wood chips to revitalize the Discovery Loop, a very popular trail used for school programs.

Other volunteers included a local Girl Scout troop that planted flowers in the garden, Razorsight employees who spruced up the new glade-front garden and pond areas, as well as several moms who brought their children to pitch in.

It was a very successful day that resulted in the planting of eight shrubs, 43 ferns and 100 wildflowers. Mother Earth was smiling! 

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