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Richard Sheehe

Back to School 2021: Is Your EdTech Marketing Strategy Ready?

  School buses are rounding the corner. Backpacks are filling up with fresh supplies. That’s right—school is back in session. But the 2021 back-to-school season is set to be a unique one with the return to in-person learning for much of the United States. In...

Protect Your Campaign Budget With Ad Fraud Tools

By 2025, $500 billion per year will be spent on digital advertising. With all that money being spent by companies trying to grab a few milliseconds of attention, the costs of ad fraud can add up quickly. It’s estimated that in 2019 that cost was $42 billion, an...

Clutch Recognizes Merritt Group With Two ‘Top Firm’ Awards

Clutch, a market research firm that uses data-driven results to rank and rate the highest performing B2B companies, named Merritt Group a top corporate communications firm in April, and announced on August 10 that Merritt Group has been recognized in a second category...

Marketing Technology: Expectations vs. Reality

  The marketing technology landscape is enormous. According to Forrester, marketing technology tools consume about 20% of the average B2B marketing budget, with over 8,000 tools as of 2021. CRM, marketing automation, content marketing, customer experience,...