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4 Mistakes Startups Can't Afford to Make

Marketing is complicated. As a startup you know it’s important to communicate with your audience and to nurture relationships along the way. But when your team is lean and mean and focused on making sales to grow the business, it can seem like a distraction to shift attention to a proactive marketing campaign.

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Bright Beginnings: Merritt’s Volunteer Day Off


Agency life is fast paced. It requires the ability to multi-task and pivot quickly, and demands a constant focus on client needs. That can be taxing if you don’t keep things in perspective. One way Merritt Group helps to keep staff so energized to focus on our client work is the firm’s dedication to helping employees maintain balance in their lives. Whether it’s offering flex time, holding monthly exercise classes, or sponsoring the annual Merry Week of Giving and supporting ad hoc causes through the year, Merritt Group has created a culture that celebrates all aspects of an individual’s well being.

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IoT Media Coverage is Growing Up

Does anyone else feel like the internet of things is starting to become one of those phrases that loses meaning when you say it too many times in a row? For a stretch of time, IoT was the buzzword, but as the space becomes more and more crowded, the conversation is evolving. We wanted to know more about how it was changing, so we dug into the past month’s media coverage to see what’s hot and what is starting to fizzle out in the world of IoT. Specifically, we used one our tools, Buzzsumo, to look at what’s trending and being shared on social media.

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Understanding the IoT Media Superstorm

Over the years, we’ve done a lot of trends tracking for clients - from the evolution of cloud computing to the rise of big data and analytics. Based on our media research, the Internet of Things (IoT) is by far the fastest growing media trend we’ve seen in recent years.

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5 Ways to Carve Out Your IoT Niche with Messaging

Everyone and their mother seems to be claiming to have an “Internet of Things” or “Internet of Everything” play these days. From startups to tech giants, competition is fierce, and the offerings seem to be endless - and quite frankly confusing.

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