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Top 3 Ways to Sense Your Share-of-Voice in Sensor Technology

Over the last few years, the IoT (Internet of Things) has gone from hyped-up news to practical business uses, and sensor technology has played a significant role in that growth – ranging from applications like tracking products in the supply chain to helping medical professionals monitor patients. 

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Podcast: The Top Digital Marketing Essentials to Stay Relevant

In today’s digital world, there are thousands, if not millions of marketing tools and approaches to reach your buyer. But knowing the best approach to quickly and efficiently reach your audience with a relevant message, content or offer is essential to keeping your marketing program manageable, within budget and effective. 

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Podcast: GMU Panel Tackles Tech Industry Reputation Management

In Merritt Group’s latest Lay of the Brand podcast episode, we hit the road for a special panel discussion recorded at George Mason University. At the event, attendees explored reputation management in the technology industry, including how challenges and strategies have evolved over time. 

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Emerging Technology Experts Make a New Transformation

At Merritt Group, staying ahead of cutting-edge technology in addition to marketing and public relations trends is at the very root of our agency’s core values. Whether it’s expanding our expertise in all things digital marketing (performance marketing, content marketing, creative services, etc.) or keeping up with the ever-changing tech landscape, our team gets goosebumps just thinking about creative possibilities that inspire real change within the rest of the market.

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