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In Self-Driving Cars, Every OEM Still Needs a Smart Tech Geek

Pretty much every major auto manufacturer around the world is looking to go driverless — from traditional players like Toyota, Ford and Audi to newcomers like Tesla. But some of the industry’s formative players are still making their own impressive moves to enable OEMs with their own path in bringing autonomy to driving.

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Internet of Things Stats That Wow

If sales of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices this holiday season have proven anything, it’s that 2017 was a tipping point for the internet of things (IoT). In fact, on, the Echo Dot was the No. 1 selling product over Black Friday weekend. With overall only holiday shopping at an all-time high, this means the market share for these IoT devices is growing exponentially.

Enterprise IoT adoption over the last year is equally astounding. Here are some of the top projections and data points that speak to the momentum of IoT.

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MACRA Gives a Data-Driven Push to Quality Care

Health care cost versus quality is a contentious political topic these days, And historically, Medicare has received a lot of the attention when it comes to cost-benefit analysis. But some policy changes are not only transforming how this issue is accounted for — they’re creating a data-driven approach toward improving quality of care.

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Are Chip Wars Forecasting a Revolution in AI?

When industry thinks about breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, they often focus on the software side, imagining new, complex algorithms to train up data sets. And while these developments can be very exciting, like the recent announcement by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services of their new open-source deep learning development kit, any type of software progress is moot without a computer chip with the physical properties to handle these algorithms with speed and agility.

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The Next Step for Federal IT Modernization? Automation

Imagine if Apple spent 90 percent of its IT budget maintaining legacy systems. You might still be looking up facts on your iMac via an Encarta Encyclopedia CD-ROM or trying to make room for decades of hits on your first-generation iPod.

As a consumer, it’s hard to relate, but it’s a reality that government CIOs face every day. A study by the Government Accountability Office shows that federal agencies indeed devote 90 percent of their budgets to maintaining legacy systems — some more than 50 years old. The good news is the federal government has cresting momentum toward IT modernization and is now in the position to adopt new architectures, software options and technologies to become more useful to citizens, more efficient and more secure.

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Equifax Breach: Are We Seeing an Increase in Nation-State Attacks?

If you are an American adult, odds are that in September, your information was hacked.

The news of the Equifax breach, where 145.5 million U.S. consumers had their information stolen, is only the latest in a series of widescale data breaches over the last few years. And while it’s not yet confirmed that nation-state actors are definitively responsible for this breach, experts say all the telltale signs are there.

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Boost Your Creativity With These 4 Brainstorming Techniques

Creativity in the workplace is fun in theory — but usually it’s under some sort of time crunch. Your team may feel too stressed to deliver on cue, or team dynamics may get in the way of the free flow of ideas. But there are a few things businesses can do to create a situation where employees feel their most mentally flexible.

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Does Your Company Need Cyber Insurance?

If you estimated your business had a two-out-of-three chance of a break-in in the next year, what are the odds you wouldn’t take out liability insurance?

Having policy coverage when you’re confident an unexpected event will happen to your business is a no-brainer. But executives aren’t connecting those dots when it comes to cyber risk insurance.

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The Promise of the MGT Act: Great Citizen Services

Consumers with questions about a product or service they’re about to buy have never been armed with more resources. From searchable online reviews to chatbots that can answer any question with ease, the customer experience for commercial companies has become extremely interactive and personalized. In fact, customer experience is now ranked the most exciting area of opportunity for businesses this year.

But can citizens say the same of the government?

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Can AI Really Hack the Human Brain?

Which is better at processing information, an artificial intelligence platform or the average human brain?

While it may seem like we’re centuries away from AI that can replicate the human brain, the answer depends on what kind of cognitive power being put to the test.

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