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Merritt Group Decodes Top B2B and B2G PR & Marketing Trends at Packed WIT Event

We’re halfway through the year and 2019 is shaping up to become one of the most exciting yet for B2B and B2G PR and marketing. So what trends do you need to know about to build your brand and win more business this year?

Merritt Group and Women in Technology hosted a panel of industry experts who tackled precisely those questions, plus strategies for squeezing the most out of your program budgets, at a recent WIT Connect event. 

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5G: The Future of Integrated, Communicative Technologies

What had started as a passion for scientific curiosity, some 150 years after Alexander Graham Bell’s first experiment in sound, has led to the foundation of modern-day societal infrastructure. We are now in the midst of another digital revolution for what is commonly known as digital telecommunications. This is thanks to the rapid advancement of broadband and cellular technologies, which have expanded dramatically to alter our nation's communication infrastructure.

Where people used to talk to each other via 2G, 3G and 4G technology, 5G is allowing the Internet of Things – like autonomous cars for example – to communicate with each other. With 5G networks, we will experience faster speeds at expanded bandwidths. This makes data sharing more secure and fluid, transferring and connecting all devices from traffic reports, traffic lights, sensors on cars, through technological resources that can respond to that data in an instant. The expanded network potential of 5G will lead to more advanced applications and better data insights, allowing more than just vehicles to multi-task and communicate near effortlessly.

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What the Google Marketing Platform Adaptation and Rebrand Means for B2B Marketers

RIP household marketing brand names AdWords and DoubleClick. It was a good 22-year run, but with the changing technology landscape, Google has strategically rebranded and introduced The Google Marketing Platform, or GMP for short.

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