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Podcast: Storytelling in the Tech Industry - Do's and Don'ts

From defining controversial technological innovations to relaying empathy during times of crisis, there are many challenges when it comes to successful storytelling in the tech industry. In the latest episode of Merritt Group’s very own Lay of the Brand podcast, we continue the discussion from our panel hosted by George Mason University. You can check out part one of the discussion here.

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Q&A With a Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Megan Lipera

What do you do at Merritt Group? 

My title is Recruiter, which is the majority of what I do but I also work with my awesome boss, Colleen, on Human Resources tasks such as planning events and working on our benefits programs. No day is the same and I love that. It is my job to find the best and brightest in the marketing and public relations world and then convince them to come work for us. 

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Keep Your Logo. Refresh Your Brand.

There’s a common misconception that ‘brand equals logo.’ Companies are often nervous about words like ‘branding’ or ‘rebrand’ because they assume it means a logo redo is in order. The thought of a new logo strikes terror in even the most open-minded of key stakeholders. They cannot stop thinking about all the signage, business cards, t-shirts and office supplies in which they’ve already invested.

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3 Benefits of Research-Powered Thought Leadership

Does thought leadership still matter to government audiences?

That was the core question that I discussed with Aaron Heffron of Market Connections as part of their webinar series on marketing to the Federal Government. The short answer is yes, but you should still keep reading.

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