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Merritt Group Gets Merry for Local Charities This Holiday Season

December at Merritt Group means one thing — it’s time for Merry Week of Giving! Each holiday season, the Merritt Group team pitches in and helps out local charities in a weeklong effort that brings out the spirit of giving in each of us.

Last week, we volunteered for four different events, each with its own unique cause that enriches the lives of the people — and pets — around us.

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How Cloud Will Transform Federal Service Delivery and Analytics

The federal government is about to undergo its largest digital transformation ever. That’s not hyperbole, and it is likely that every American citizen will notice the difference.

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Internet of Things Stats That Wow

If sales of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices this holiday season have proven anything, it’s that 2017 was a tipping point for the internet of things (IoT). In fact, on, the Echo Dot was the No. 1 selling product over Black Friday weekend. With overall only holiday shopping at an all-time high, this means the market share for these IoT devices is growing exponentially.

Enterprise IoT adoption over the last year is equally astounding. Here are some of the top projections and data points that speak to the momentum of IoT.

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Decoding Health Care’s Biggest Buzzword: Value-Based Care

If there was a winner for biggest buzzword of the year in health care, this year’s may just be value-based care. It’s come to stand for what the future of care can — and should — be, but survey after survey shows it’s discussed often but implemented rarely.

To make sure your organization is able to move past the value-based care buzzword and join the ranks of hospitals and practices moving health care forward, let's first take a minute to understand what it means to move beyond the buzzwords and into practical applications that keep patients happy and healthy.

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