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Are Chip Wars Forecasting a Revolution in AI?

When industry thinks about breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, they often focus on the software side, imagining new, complex algorithms to train up data sets. And while these developments can be very exciting, like the recent announcement by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services of their new open-source deep learning development kit, any type of software progress is moot without a computer chip with the physical properties to handle these algorithms with speed and agility.

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4 CyberTalks Lessons Worth Talking About

Last week, CyberScoop hosted the first annual D.C.-based CyberWeek, including dozens of events spread across the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. The anchor event, CyberTalks, featured speakers from government and industry alike, spreading the message that all cybersecurity experts and decision-makers must collaborate on issues that threaten our government. Among predictions and possibilities, case studies and consequences, these are the four lessons that stood out:

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The Next Step for Federal IT Modernization? Automation

Imagine if Apple spent 90 percent of its IT budget maintaining legacy systems. You might still be looking up facts on your iMac via an Encarta Encyclopedia CD-ROM or trying to make room for decades of hits on your first-generation iPod.

As a consumer, it’s hard to relate, but it’s a reality that government CIOs face every day. A study by the Government Accountability Office shows that federal agencies indeed devote 90 percent of their budgets to maintaining legacy systems — some more than 50 years old. The good news is the federal government has cresting momentum toward IT modernization and is now in the position to adopt new architectures, software options and technologies to become more useful to citizens, more efficient and more secure.

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Critical Policy Resources for Startups Navigating the Health Care Space

For health care startups looking to capture market attention, the climate has never been tougher.

According a recent article in the Independent and a report released last month by Seattle-based PitchBook, seed-stage financing has been sliding for the last two years, with the number of transactions down about 40 percent since the peak in mid-2015. And the slowdown comes despite an explosion of interest by wealthy individuals and foreign investors looking to park money in the next big thing.

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How Location Data Enables Smart Cities and Local Governments

There are many challenges facing today’s cities, including aging infrastructure, rapid development, climate change and populations growing at unprecedented rates. And, as budgets shrink and populations rise, the pressure is on for local governments to accomplish more with less and keep their citizen’s both safe and happy. Because so many government activities are inherently location-centric, accessing and understanding location-related data can be critical to solving these challenges. Location data is instrumental to intelligent city planning and development, and it’s growing at a rapid rate due to advances in internet of things and mobile.

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Equifax Breach: Are We Seeing an Increase in Nation-State Attacks?

If you are an American adult, odds are that in September, your information was hacked.

The news of the Equifax breach, where 145.5 million U.S. consumers had their information stolen, is only the latest in a series of widescale data breaches over the last few years. And while it’s not yet confirmed that nation-state actors are definitively responsible for this breach, experts say all the telltale signs are there.

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What’s Next? Tech Trends Poised to Shake Up Healthcare

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be in healthcare. From new legislation to the broad consumerization of care, large-scale changes are underway that will fundamentally alter the way healthcare organizations, providers and patients interact.

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Is Your Company Prepared for the Challenges — and Opportunity — of Precision Medicine?

Pursuing innovation in health care is an essential part of providing the best care for patients. In recent years, precision medicine, which aims to improve efficiency and treatment for patients by using genetic, environmental and lifestyle variabilities to personalize treatments, has come to the forefront of our discussions about improving patient outcomes. Yet, while scientists, researchers and physicians see potential and promise in its capabilities, there are also risks and challenges in its widespread use and adoption.

For health care marketers in this field, it’s important to consider these challenges in order to build messages around them and be prepared to offer thought leadership on the full spectrum of the precision medicine industry.

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Boost Your Creativity With These 4 Brainstorming Techniques

Creativity in the workplace is fun in theory — but usually it’s under some sort of time crunch. Your team may feel too stressed to deliver on cue, or team dynamics may get in the way of the free flow of ideas. But there are a few things businesses can do to create a situation where employees feel their most mentally flexible.

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Top Tips for Tier-One Media Coverage

It’s no secret that today’s readers are inundated with headlines from a wide range of news outlets with an even wider range of topics. This media deluge is only promised to grow, so how can you make sure your client’s news floats above the rest of the information flood?

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