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Does Your Company Need Cyber Insurance?

If you estimated your business had a two-out-of-three chance of a break-in in the next year, what are the odds you wouldn’t take out liability insurance?

Having policy coverage when you’re confident an unexpected event will happen to your business is a no-brainer. But executives aren’t connecting those dots when it comes to cyber risk insurance.

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The Promise of the MGT Act: Great Citizen Services

Consumers with questions about a product or service they’re about to buy have never been armed with more resources. From searchable online reviews to chatbots that can answer any question with ease, the customer experience for commercial companies has become extremely interactive and personalized. In fact, customer experience is now ranked the most exciting area of opportunity for businesses this year.

But can citizens say the same of the government?

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Enhance Your Next Event With Unique Marketing Ideas

So, you’ve got an event coming up. Chances are, you’re looking for ways to effectively engage your audience or ensure attendees remember your brand long after the last session. Here are five questions to ask yourself as you prepare to effectively brainstorm marketing efforts, design your booth, order your swag or create collateral.

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Can AI Really Hack the Human Brain?

Which is better at processing information, an artificial intelligence platform or the average human brain?

While it may seem like we’re centuries away from AI that can replicate the human brain, the answer depends on what kind of cognitive power being put to the test.

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Cybersecurity Vendors Need Agility in a Post-Cyber Executive Order Federal Government

How should cybersecurity vendors refine their messaging to land federal contracts? It’s hard to tell these days with the messages coming from the federal government, but a little digging shows there is a strategy shining through.

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Creating a Stress-Free Crisis Communications Plan

Planning for a crisis is like getting the best life insurance policy possible — you have long-term protection for family members that you care strongly about, asset protection and, perhaps the most important benefit, peace of mind. The truth of the matter is the impact of a crisis within your organization is not only felt internally, but can have a major impact on outside stakeholders, such as customers, partners, investors and media.

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How to Message Around Top IoT Trends

Gartner forecasts that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide this year, and that number is expected to reach 20.4 billion by 2020. Recognize this statistic? It might just be one of the most overused data points in the technology media landscape. The reason for the use? There’s a vast amount of uncertainty around internet of things (IoT) technology, and all anyone can confidently articulate is that they know for certain “things” will connect in the future.

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Digital Transformation: The Next Big Challenge for Federal IT Budgets

Although commercial organizations remain on the cutting edge of tech trends, federal agencies have lagged behind their private sector counterparts when adopting innovative IT systems. That is, until now.

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