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IoT Media Coverage is Growing Up

Does anyone else feel like the internet of things is starting to become one of those phrases that loses meaning when you say it too many times in a row? For a stretch of time, IoT was the buzzword, but as the space becomes more and more crowded, the conversation is evolving. We wanted to know more about how it was changing, so we dug into the past month’s media coverage to see what’s hot and what is starting to fizzle out in the world of IoT. Specifically, we used one our tools, Buzzsumo, to look at what’s trending and being shared on social media.

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Deep Learning for Business: The Tech That’s Transforming Big Data

Technology companies are always looking for the next big thing, and at Merritt Group it’s our job to be on top of the latest trends, so our clients are always one step ahead when they’re strategizing the future of their companies. For the past few years, it’s been big data — a field that’s still having a huge impact. But now, it’s deep learning.

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Is Your Social Media Strategy Failing? Here's How to Fix It

So, you’re not seeing results from your social media efforts. Your engagement rates are low, conversions are near-to-nothing and you aren’t reaching your business objectives. Here are six quick ways to tell if your current social media marketing strategy is failing — and how to fix it.

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5 Steps to Nailing a Brand Redesign

A brand isn’t just a logo. It represents a company’s personality and influences how every single person — from customers to employees — perceive the business.

Getting a rebranding effort right is vitally important, and companies need to proceed with a purpose. At Merritt Group, we take a 360-degree approach to branding, where messaging, design and brand communication all get refreshed at once, creating a unified vision to guide a company’s future.

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WannaCry Wake-Up Call: Enterprises Need to be Agile to Out-Evolve Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware attack represents one of the most severe malware attacks of the year so far, and one that has shifted the tides in the cybersecurity market. Prior to this attack, some of the world’s most sophisticated cyber tools remained in the hands of governments, but now this information has gone from the intelligence agencies to the streets, permitting your average cybercriminal to take down huge amounts of infrastructure without much effort.

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Could AI Be the Answer to America’s Doctor Shortage?

Artificial intelligence is ready for the health care industry, but is the health care industry ready for AI?

As AI progresses, it is incorporating more machine learning into its methodologies. For machine learning applications, a model is fed a large amount of data, like patient MRI images. Then the algorithm interprets these images to determine which contains a tumor and which does not. For someone in computer science, this seems straightforward. But for doctors, who have to close the loop by discussing outcomes and diagnoses with patients, reliance on technology to do previously manual work leaves many with doubts.

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How to Develop a Content Strategy That Attracts Buyers

Any marketer with a skeptical eye toward content needs to read only one statistic to change their mind: Content marketing generates approximately three times as many leads as traditional marketing per dollar spent.

Whether through blogging, producing videos or crafting case studies, marketing calendars are quickly turning into editorial calendars, filled with rich information that will keep buyers coming back for more. But how you do ensure that your buyers are actually listening?

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5 Steps for Positioning Your CEO as a Thought Leader

CEOs are typically the public face of their company, and they need a market presence to match. Here are five tips for building your CEO into a thought leader.

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