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The Joy of Stock Photography

Stock photography is a necessary evil. While designers would always prefer a photo shoot with custom images, it’s rarely cost-effective or timely. Though stock photography has come a long way, there are still many terrible images out there and this blog will hopefully help you avoid them.

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What is the ROI of Social Media?

In conversations with clients, many often wonder: What is the value of social media? Why should I invest here? And how can I show success? It’s no secret that maintaining an online presence requires time, resources, and a little grit. So what’s it all worth, and how can you prove its value?

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A Winning Launch Plan for New IoT Technologies

As connected devices and “smart” technology continue to transform industries, more and more companies are developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that will be part of the projected $1.7 trillion market by 2019. The opportunity is huge, but these companies need a winning launch plan in order to stake their claim and gain attention for their IoT technologies. It starts with the fundamentals of any good marketing plan - good research to define the opportunity, core elements of communication and messaging, integration of channels and a plan for execution. In a crowded market, it will be critical for IoT innovators to strategically position themselves to cut through the hype, become a thought leader, and remain relevant in an ever-changing business landscape.

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Who are the Top IoT Influencers You Need to Reach?

When trying to study the IoT market, sometimes it’s hard to identify exactly who you should try to engage with in conversation. However, there are a number of individuals and companies rising to the top in terms of influencers to watch. Let’s take a look at some of the resources and influencers you should try to engage with when trying to gain a foothold in the IoT market. 

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