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9 Tips for Using Social Media at Events

Today marks Mashable’s 6th annual Social Media Day, a day that recognizes and celebrates the impact of social media on our communications. New channels have already had a profound impact on the way we produce and consume information – from making us into more pithy writers to helping us follow breaking news on the ground. These new communication tools have also opened doors for more engagement and conversations around live events, such as industry tradeshows and vendor conferences. In fact, a recent report showed that a whopping 89% of respondents found social media at events valuable.

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Peering into the Future of Media and Content: A Dream or a Nightmare?

As I woke up this morning, toast and juice satisfied my hunger, and a quick browse through my Flipboard app and Facebook feed quenched my appetite for content and news. A couple of quick outbound tweets from my phone and I was out the door. 

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How IoT is Changing the Face of Healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world in many ways, and one of the industries most primed for connectivity and enhanced technology is healthcare. From wellness apps on the patient side to electronic health records (EHRs) and connected heart monitors, IoT is presenting new ways for providers, patients, and insurers to communicate. The hope is that this technological breakthrough will lead to healthier Americans, more effective doctors, and advances in digital efficiencies.

To understand what’s in store for the future of healthcare and IoT, it’s important to look at the past and present healthcare landscapes.

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Hype or Hope – The IoT Marketplace and Today’s World

Whether or not Internet of Things (IoT) is overhyped is a highly debated topic. IoT enablers claim that their connected solutions provide real ROI to users. However, detractors criticize the expectations around the IoT movement as overly inflated.

Is IoT purely hype or is it the technological hope of our generation? Let’s take a closer look.

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Giving Visibility to an Energy IoT Provider

When Kevin Ashton coined the term “Internet of Things” in 1999, he meant something very specific about the term. In an article on 10 years later, Ashton wrote that computers and the Internet are ultimately dependent on us, people, for data. The role of the Internet of Things (IoT), he goes on to say, is to capture data with the accuracy and attention that people don’t have. To collect information and store it in a way that can be applied to systems and technology to improve processes and intuitively manage complex infrastructure and power needs, for example. What better application for this type of technology than to ensure power stability for government and hospital facilities where it is absolutely critical for operations to keep the proverbial “lights on”?

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Addressing Security When Messaging IoT

This year’s RSA Conference, the premiere event for the cyber security industry, had an agenda dominated by IoT. IoT security is a hot topic, and for good reasons. IoT requires a massive amount of data traveling over numerous networks. This presents a tremendous opportunity for hackers.

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What’s Next for IoT? 3 Markets to Watch in 2015

Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) is essentially wide open across every industry, there are hot spots that are attracting widespread media attention, major investment, and customers. Growth across the board is going to be immense, but the fastest growing markets are going to be in security and privacy, software platforms, and big data and analytics.

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The Best of Content Marketing Honored in New York’s West Village

Last week, we found ourselves at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. A West Village venue that is home to a lot of cool music acts, which, on this night, was hosting the 2015 Digiday Content Marketing Awards and was packed to the hilt with many of our fellow content marketers from around the country and the world.

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