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QA with Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Katie Hocker



1. What do you do at Merritt Group?

I am an Account Manager on the Healthcare and Government teams.

2014 Merry Week of Giving Wrap-Up


Merry Week of Giving is an integral part of Merritt Group’s mission. Volunteering during the holidays is one way the company achieves its work-life balance. This year we chose to support three organizations (1 in CA, 2 in VA) that need help and we are just the fortunate group of people to answer their call.

First, the East Coast MGers bought, prepped, and bagged 120 complete lunches that were dropped off to Cornerstones, a non profit that promotes self-sufficiency, last Wednesday evening in Reston, VA.

QA with Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Pazia Dwyer


1. What do you do at Merritt Group?

I am a manager at Merritt Group, working with a variety of business technology clients to tell their unique stories.

Merry Times at Merritt Group

The holiday season began in full force Friday morning with a hearty breakfast followed by our rather competitive white elephant gift exchange. Amid some gamesmanship and a ton of laughs, the most sought after gifts ended up being a foot massager, custom Merritt Group T-Shirt, and fuzzy blanket.