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QA with Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Colleen Williams


1. What do you do at Merritt Group? 

I’m an Account Coordinator here at Merritt group managing the baseline programs and supporting media relations for all of my high-tech and energy clients.

#Friday5: Twitter, Word of the Year & More


Here are my top industry stories for today’s #Friday5 round up: Twitter, trends, Word of the Year and more…

Twitter Now Lets You Share Public Tweets Via Direct Messages (TechCrunch, November 20) Twitter shared it’s expanding its DM capabilities and opening the door to easier private messaging on its platform. The company said, “with today’s update you’ll be able to share a Tweet privately with any of your followers.”

Thanksgiving Potluck; Merritt Group Style

Last Thursday the Merritt Group clan hosted a Thanksgiving potluck. With turkey and ham as the main event, each employee showed off their culinary prowess by bringing in mouth-watering side-dishes and desserts. We could go into explicit detail about how amazing the food was...but we'll let the pictures speak for themselves. (photo credit: Julia Sarver & Jayson Schkloven)

QA with Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Dan Bowman

dan_b1. What do you do at Merritt Group?

What Designers Do When They’re Not Designing For Clients


While the majority of Merritt Group's design projects are for clients, there are also many internal projects done solely for the company. Client work will always take priority, but when time allows for internal work, we push all the boundaries. Internal work, which can vary from invitations, to t-shirt designs, to event collateral, is a chance to show off as much creativity as possible. Due to generous timelines and limited restrictions, these projects offer an opportunity for creative freedom and experimentation.

Last Fall, the Merritt Group design team was tasked with updating the internal brand to create a more sophisticated and cohesive look. With limited guidelines and no hard due date, the design team researched the current trends and reviewed competitors. Over the course of several months, we were able to plan and create a refreshed style guide to be applied to all future internal deliverables. Thanks to the initial time for planning, all internal collateral now has a strong, cohesive look.

Recently, we had fun putting together the invitation for the Merritt Group holiday party. With complete creative freedom, from start to finish, we experimented with new printing techniques and unique paper stocks. The final product turned out to be one of the most interesting pieces we’ve done (check out the personalized chopsticks).

The Merritt Group design team uses internal work as a creative outlet. While it’s difficult to fit into our busy schedule of client work, internal work adds something a little different to our day because we’re our own client.

QA with Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Nick Elefante


Merritt Group California Is on the Move!


It’s good to be a West Coast Merritt Grouper these days, and not just because of our world champion baseball team!

Halloween Monster Mash!

QA with Merritt Group-er: Get to Know Kaila Brosey

Kaila_Brosey1.  What do you do at Merritt Group?