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As organizations of all sizes learn to swim in an ocean of data, new ways of collecting, organizing, processing, analyzing and sharing data-driven insights has become big business for the Big Data industry. But, with a new data analytics startups popping up almost every day and a sea of content being produced and disseminated by those vendors already in the game, how can innovators able to cut through the noise and marketing clutter to stand out in front of their customers? 

In working for more than half-a-dozen years with clients like Tableau Software, Teradata, Opera Solutions, Anaplan, Booz Allen, newBrandAnalytics and DemandTec, we have develop a formula, or a playbook, to help big data companies become the biggest names in the industry, increasing their competitive share of voice in both traditional and social media, and reaching new customers. Our formula itself is based on analytics-driven insights, which allow our clients to get their messages in front of the right customer via the right channel at the right time – without just adding more noise to the big data hype machine.

Brains of the Operation

Shahed Ahmed

Shahed developed deep knowledge of the technology market by serving in roles spanning both corporate and agency settings.

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Unisys Federal Brand Video

Merritt worked with Unisys to refresh their branding and messaging in the federal market. This video captures the essence of that work.


“We are very pleased with the exceptional quality of Merritt Group and the team’s daily levels of commitment to ensuring we have the most effective public relations strategy and outreach. In particular, I was pleased with the outstanding ‘take charge approach.’”

Mike O’Sullivan, DirectorTeradata Corporation


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