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B2G PR Services

Drive awareness, shift perceptions, build credibility, and cut through the noisy B2G marketplace with trusted PR strategies. We’ve spent decades growing relationships with leading government editors, reporters, analysts, and influencers, and we leverage those connections to reach the right audiences for our government contractor clients. We’ll partner with you to build compelling media narratives, establish your executives as thought leaders, position your brand at the right industry events, win strategic industry awards, and differentiate from competitors through unique storytelling.

Our B2G PR Services

Messaging and positioning

Grab the attention of your target audiences with fresh media messaging that starts from the government agency’s challenge and works back. Our PR experts know how to speak the language of government, and bring unmatched domain expertise that empowers us to connect our clients’ stories to breaking news, key policy developments, and hot-button industry trends.

Media and analyst relations

Our government team has deep relationships with the reporters, editors, analysts, and influencers that shape perception in the B2G market. We connect you to the media channels that reach and engage your target audience with compelling narratives that align to your brand objectives.

Media training

Explore how you can create engaging and powerful media interactions, discover what makes the media tick, and learn how to deliver quotable soundbites. Our B2G public relations experts take you through mock reporter sessions and personalized training so your spokespeople can confidently deliver messages when it matters.

Public speaking coaching

Public speaking can be terrifying. When mastered, it can become a powerful tool for maximizing PR strategies and creating impactful engagements with the media. From prepping for panel discussions to building compelling keynote presentations, our coaches help leaders bring their best self to strategic speaking engagements.

Event management & promotion

Upgrade your event management and boost promotion performance with the help of our PR pros. We’ll help you navigate event selection while maximizing your investment so that you can get the most out of your trade shows, conferences, and seminars. Whether you need content creation, booth branding, on site press interviews, or lead capture, our event management and promotion solutions are geared toward boosting traffic and high-profile media interactions.

Your market, our mission.

Our PR experts and senior-level executives offer unparalleled deep industry knowledge that systems integrators and global tech companies can utilize for success. This familiarity is the bedrock for key differentiation strategies, storytelling, and impactful PR initiatives to shape brand perception.

Why Merritt Group?

As an award-winning PR agency, we’ve helped countless companies excel in the B2G sector through hand-tailored PR solutions. As the media terrain continues to change and evolve, Merritt Group stays far ahead of the curve to bring fresh strategies to your brand.

Whether you’re looking to spark conversation, build buzz, reshape perception, or position your company according to its goals, we can help.

Our work.

Want to see how we can help your brand today? Explore some of our work and see how Merritt Group can revolutionize your PR efforts and approach to media.


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