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Case Study: Concentra Using Data and Digital to Fuel the Talent Pipeline

Drove a 25% increase in applications across target vertical openings while lifting regionally focused site traffic by 65% over a 90-day period.

Project Overview

In 2018, Concentra acquired U.S. HealthWorks, creating America's largest occupational health company. As part of that rapid growth, Concentra transitioned all U.S. HealthWorks clinics to the Concentra brand, systems and processes. With the influx of new locations and transitioning staff, Concentra's recruitment team needed to bolster their talent pool quickly and efficiently to staff critical positions at their clinics throughout California and the Seattle Metro Area.


Merritt deployed a data strategy focused on medical practices in California and Washington State that represented Concentra’s desired recruitment base. We combined IP range targeting and extracted mobile device IDs (MAIDs) that served key demographics using visitation frequency. By prioritizing segmentation via job title, we were able to deliver relevant messaging to target verticals across a multi-channel program spanning Programmatic media and paid social.