Westcon-Comstor’s Cloud Practice was one of the fastest growing areas of their business, but it needed to accelerate leads into its sales pipeline to further fuel the growth.  The ANZ region had been marketing Cloud the longest and has had access to the Cloud platform the longest – making its target market mature enough to drive successful lead generation.
However, the region competed in a crowded space and has to reach buyers in novel ways, driving the need for engagement through digital channels, like social media and other web and mobile-based channels. Westcon came to Merritt Group help them execute an international lead generation campaign spanning New Zealand and Australia. In addition Westcon had just rolled out Pardot globally - but their regional teams didn’t have the bandwidth or knowledge of the marketing automation system to utilize it properly.
Merritt Group came in and worked directly with the regional teams in New Zealand and Australia in order to develop a marketing strategy and framework to:
  • Directly increase leads in both regions through data driven Programmatic campaigns and Paid Social campaigns utilizing existing customer lists/data – both of these campaigns needed to be regionalized for their respective countries  
  • Develop a framework for utilizing Pardot for inbound marketing marketing activities and measurement including developing landing pages, setting up trigger based nurture campaigns, reporting across Australia and New Zealand
  • Design and develop email and landing page templates to be directly integrated by our preferred Pardot vendor
  • Work with Westcon’s branding team to ensure consistency across campaign creative spanning email, landing pages and advertising
Merritt Group’s lead generation campaigns increased high quality leads by 30% over the fourth quarter of 2017 and we’ve recently been greenlighted to duplicate these campaigns for the regional team in South Africa. In addition we increased Direct and Organic traffic by 10% over the same time period.

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