In an effort to increase lead generation across across their B2B and Partner business units VIPRE Antivirus turned to Merritt Group to devise a digital strategy in order to drive:

  • Increased number of B2B online sales
  • Increased number of B2B lead to VIPRE's internal sales team
  • Increased number of Home online sales
  • Increased number of Partner applications
  • Increased number of Partner applications
  • Increased volume of website traffic across the B2B and Partner pages to drive brand awareness

VIPRE was averaging 20 B2B leads a week and 25 Partner applications at the start of the engagement and wanted to increase that number to 50 per business unit. In addition VIPRE was using multiple disparate media agencies across SEM and Display yielding mixed results. These disparate agencies were not working together to provide a comprehensive view into KPI’s that could easily be shared with leadership, sales and the marketing team.

At the outset of the project Merritt Group executed a digital audit of VIPRE’s website properties including a review of Google Analytics and Search Console, social platforms, their Marketo presence, overall user and customer experience and assessed the overall media landscape by reviewed key competitors including Kaspersky and TrendMicro. This included a content audit that included a content mapping exercise to determine what stages of the funnel were lacking in appealing content.

Based upon the data from our findings Merritt put together a digital strategy that mapped to a full funnel approach of prospecting through video, Programmatic display and Paid Social to fill retargeting segments. These retargeting segments were served with specific creative to drive them further down the funnel to the point of conversion. Merritt also worked within the clients Marketo instance to create landing pages and nurture streams to further target engaged visitors.

Our design team also collaborated with VIPRE’s creative director to help establish a look and feel for the campaigns based on their newly created brand standards, driving the creative for the campaign, landing pages, and ads across social, Programmatic and Google Display.

At the end of the program Merritt Group had raised the number of B2B leads per week from 20 to 50 and had increased Partner applications to 60 per week over a three month period. We also increased direct traffic by 15% over that same time period indicating a lift in brand awareness. Finally, we developed a process for creating landing pages and nurture streams in Marketo allowing the client to take this process and implement it internally in order to streamline their workflow.

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