Tableau was ready to go IPO over the following year and needed a killer communications strategy to ensure a successful launch.

Merritt Group developed a strategy to position Tableau as reaching a large addressable market of business users, often Microsoft Excel users, that need a better way to visualize and analyze big data. We took that story to market with a relentless ground game to drive immediate results. We took CEO Christian Chabot on the road, tapped into Tableau’s passionate customers and educated media on Tableau’s market potential. On IPO day, we were on the ground at NYSE managing a schedule of 27 media interviews!

From BusinessWeek to CNBC, Tableau Software was named one of the hottest tech IPOs of the year. After 2.5 years of consistent media coverage, from feature stories in Fortune, Wired and The Wall Street Journal, the market recognizes Tableau as a market leader.

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