Venafi came to Merritt Group to reach its target buyer, the chief information security officer, through concerted marketing and PR campaigns.

Merritt simplified the Venafi message and made connections between major breaches and unsecured keys and certificates. Through aggressive outreach campaigns around breaking news and major reports, such as the one-year anniversary of Heartbleed and the Ponemon Institute “Cost of Failed Trust” report, Merritt was able to up-level the Venafi story to business press while also educating reporters on the problems that Venafi solves.

A powerful combination of great report data, product news and a timely news hook with Hillary Clinton’s unencrypted server put Venafi on the radar of top-tier press, from The New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Washington Post, Forbes, CNN Money and more. Venafi dominated in share of voice against competitors with more than 50 percent of the coverage. Merritt Group secured 44 media opportunities for Venafi executives, exceeding our 18-20 opportunities per quarter goal.

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